Area of Medirigiriya division that belongs to Polonnaruwa district is 576 sq kilometers. It has been divided to 45 Grama Niladhari divisions for administrative purposes.

Polonnaruwa was declared separate administrative entity in 1953. Accordingly, Medirigiriya division belonged to Western Sinhala Paththuwa administrative sector and it was divided into two Grama Niladhari Thulana namely 68 Rathmale and 69 Kelegama. Meegaswewa, Wadigawewa and other villages belongs to 69 Kelegama where as Divulankadawala, Rathmale and other villages belongs to 68 Rathmale Except these villages which was isolated in the thick forest, other areas had been covered by heavily de use forests. Medirigiriya had been known as Mediligiriya, Mandalagiriya, Ranthisawewa, thissawadimanaka etc in the past. Ancient Medirigiriya Watadage and Kaudulla tank had attracted peoples’ attention.



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